Video of Dr Nicholas interacting with baby tapir and 350 pound mother tapir, in Guatemala

We will have a series of videos of Nicholas with the animals he is studying. First is the tapir family. In another week will come Nicholas with the peccary.



Now, a month after our tapir video, we now have a new video of Dr Nicholas interacting with a toucan.

In a few weeks we will show Nicholas with a collared peccary of Guatemala who is very happy to get special attention.

Next month we show Dr Hellmuth with a six month old jaguar cub (who was friendly, but so energetic that his frolicking was not as painless as with the peccary, toucan, or tapir family).

These videos show how we at FLAAR learn about the animals that we will include as Maya characters in our MayanToons comic books and subsequently in our MayanToons animations.