• Water Lily

    Why is there a Mayan “water lily Jaguar”?

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  • Boated-Billed Heron

    Discovery of a boat-billed heron, in the Canal de Chiquimulilla, near Monterrico

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  • Scarlet Macaw

    Four good places to study the scarlet macaw, Ara macao, are AutoSafari Chapin, Las Guacamayas Biological Station, Copan Ruinas, and Macaw Mountain (all in Central America).

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  • Jaguar Cub

    Learning about Jaguars in Guatemala

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Keel-billed toucan, Ramphastos sulfuratus is a logo-like symbol of the Neotropical seasonal rain forests of Mesoamerica and adjacent areas (and hence a common corporate logo).



We will have a page related to Owls soon.



We will have a page related to our squirrels art soon.



The Scarlet macaw was a logo for the Maya 1400 years ago.

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Mayan comic book cartoon female characters

Mayan comic book character female Guatemalan squirrel toons MQ copyright FLAAR 2016
Naturally our Mayan animal comic book cartoon characters will have females, kids, grandparents, etc. Our themes are family-oriented, but at the same time we will include realistic aspects of some of the more unfortunate aspects of human society. But our Mayan cartoon comic book Heroes will work hard to overcome adversity and create a better world.

We will provide names for all our Mayan cartoon comic book characters as the cartoons are released. We have in-house names for them already.

MayanToons is a research and cartoon comic book development division within FLAAR Mesoamerica which is an affiliate of the parent institute FLAAR.